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My Trading Desk

First Things First

When starting out with day trading, the trading desk is not necessarily the first thing you need to worry about. Your education and strategy is. However, because you will spend a decent amount of time sitting and learning, it is worth it to invest a little in your space. If you are new to trading, or someone who exclusively trades from their phone and would like a simple set up, keep reading.

It’s tempting to think you need the high-end, glossy trading desk to get started trading. However, that is not true. It’s just flex culture at its finest. As of right now, I am using a desk set up I bought March 2021, and a laptop that I have had for 3 years or so. All this cost me less than $1000 to set up since some items were purchased used. Additionally, I use my desk for programming, administrative work, and my course work, so my space gets a lot of miles daily. Overall, it was worth every penny.


*An Ethernet cable saves you from an unstable connection. This could be the difference of buying BTC at $34,902 and $38,202. You do not want to miss your entries and exits due to unstable Wi-Fi connections. With an ethernet cable, such things are totally preventable.

**I had to replace my old Bluetooth mouse, so I went with a gaming mouse. There is a higher durability with these, and the clicking sound is muted to a higher extent than a regular Bluetooth mouse. For this, I would splurge on the gaming mouse.


My Rationale

I see my desk as a long term investment. Not only am I learning how to day trade, I also make websites, so this is where I live my life.

Where did I buy everything?

I bought most of items on Amazon.com. To get good deals follow the links above.

Isn’t $1000 on a desk setup a lot of money?

Firstly, buy what’s in your budget, and use what you have already (mouse, headphones, chairs, etc.). Honestly, I splurged on the standing desk, but it’s not crucial to trading whatsoever. However, because I work long hours in general, being able to stand gives me my second and third wind throughout the days and evenings. Additionally, the idea to buy this type of desk came about during the COVID-era. This means that people were spending inordinate amounts of time at home. After seeing a friend’s standing desk, I just had to have one.  For maximum (yet affordable) comfort, utility, and aesthetic, I decided to splurge. Lastly, I was moving to a new city, and had to get new furniture anyway, so this is more of a long-term investment in comfort.

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