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Freedom to learn, freedom to earn! This applies to both day trading and my college coursework. The one advantage of being a returning student is that I am going into my classes with the certainty of knowing what I will do with my degree. After my PhD program, I will be an independent virologist (researcher) who day trades as their primary source of income. It’s not easy, but this is how I envision my career operating.

Podcast Reviews: Chat With Traders by Aaron Fifield

I have found that Aaron Fifield’s podcast boasts incalculable gems for any new-start day trader. I genuinely hope my reviews of his episodes can give you the shortcuts to successful day trading. A lot of interviewees talk about their beginnings, and tell you how to manage risk, new investment opportunities, and most of all…HOW NOT BLOW UP YOUR ACCOUNT! His episodes can be viewed here.

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Side Goal: No Live Account Blowups

Proper risk management cannot be stressed enough. In the event that I blow up my account, you will hear about it, in detail, here on my blog! If I am on my demo account, I suppose you will hear about it then too! As someone who has dabbled in trading for four years now, I’ve never tanked my trading account, and hope to never do so either! Go big, but stay humble folks!

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Throughout my 20s, and soon to be 30s, I’ve been living in California exploring what it means to be a free spirit, doing my own thing! Here’s my story about it, so welcome to PlacingTheTrade.com. Occasionally, I will talk about my web development work, because there will be some overlap, especially in terms of entrepreneurship, networking, and advising.