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Day Trading

Finding a niche to trade within is important, but there’s no limit to what gets explored. Cryptos, forex, stocks, trading psychology and beyond. Click below to view my posts about the latest topic.

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Reading required! Learning how to day trade profitably is hard. Reading about what it takes is not. Throughout my process, I will make a log of all the books, podcasts, courses and advisors encountered on the journey.

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The Process

There’s a method to this endeavor. Watch the YouTube video below that talks about designing your life. Here, you will get an understanding of how I will go about breaking down my goals into a doable process.

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Welcome friends.

I am Krystal, a freelance web developer based in Southern California, blogging about what it takes to become a professional day trader. I’ve been dabbling in trading for four years now, but all that changed June 24, 2021. This is when I made my declaration to become a professional. Throughout this time, I always wanted to watch someone start from scratch, but most bloggers, YouTubers, podcast guests, are already pros by the time you come across them. This can be quite intimidating and inundating to say the least. So here is a lo-fi blog on what it takes to become a professional day trader.

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Proof is in the pudding

Blog Topics

Free Trading Courses

After scouring the internet, I am sticking to just two YouTube courses for this endeavor. CottonCandyTA and The Moving Average offer the best, free courses for starting your trading career.

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Click below to see which book I’m reading currently. As of right now, we’ll explore the economic side of trading, and incorporate new knowledge with technical analysis.

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Tools of the Trade

TradingView is top-of-the-line charting software with connected brokers. Click here to see industry standard charting software and compatible brokers. Luckily you can start with a free trial.

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your network is your net worth

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Goal #1: Earn a full-time income from day trading.

Goal #2: Pay off my credit card debt.

Goal #3: Pay off my student loan for my bachelor’s degree (pre-med)

Goal #4: Earn $350,000 for medical school, in medical school.